About Meridith

When I’m not working as a tech journalist or taking care of my awesome daughter, Samantha Sunshine, I try to maintain this blog. I live in Vermont with my husband Eric Rickstad, daughter and our Golden Retriever, Toby. You can contact me at meridithjl at yahoo dot com and follow me on Twitter at @meridith.


8 thoughts on “About Meridith

  1. This site looks great! I can’t wait to read it and will come back often, like I do for seconds (and thirds) of my wife’s great cooking!

  2. Hi, I know Meridith very well and she is a fabulous cook. Have her give you the recipe for her chocolate cake…yummy. Her mom, Libby makes a “to die for” potato kugle. I will continue to log onto this blog. Good job Meri

  3. Meri,
    Your blueberry pie looks delectable! I am salivating just looking at the pic! I hope to try it sometime. 🙂

    You and your blog are awesome my friend!
    Love, Mindy

  4. Meri, I love your blog. The recipes you make and feature sound so good. Wish I could partake of some of your dinners! Eric is a lucky guy. I’ll bet Toby sticks by you and Eric when you’re eating in case a tidbit drops to the floor.

    Me, I’ll just stick to Potato Latkes, Potato Kugel and ordering-in Chinese Food! Love ya, kiddo!

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