Crepes with Morels

Eric and I found a bunch more wild morel mushrooms this week. When I say a bunch, I mean 52, to be precise. Black morels and blond morels.

Eric sauteed a handful of them in butter and white wine to have with a Del Monico steak for dinner earlier this week. I made pasta with a sun-dried tomato cream sauce for myself the night he had the steak because I wasn’t in the mood for beef. I should have added some morels to the pasta sauce because it turned out to be surprisingly bland.  Eric kindly shared his sauteed mushrooms with me , which were unbelievably succulent. You can’t underestimate the power of a simple butter and white wine saute to enhance the natural flavor of morel mushrooms. Eating them was a religious experience.

The sauteed morels gave Eric the brilliant idea for a crepe with morels, and last night he made one bursting with mushrooms for me for dinner.  We debated whether or not to add cheese to the morel crepe. When I make crepes with sauteed button mushrooms and leeks, I always add goat cheese, but I decided I wanted a pure morel crepe. I didn’t want any other ingredients to hide the earthy, meaty flavor of the  morels. 

The crepe was wonderful.  Eric has become quite the master crepe  maker in the last few years. He loves making them. When we first met, I made them quite a bit, but since then he has happily supplanted me as the house crepe maker.

We hope to try making stuffed morels soon.


3 thoughts on “Crepes with Morels

  1. You are so inventive with your cooking! It all sounds very exciting, I with I could stomach any kind of mushrooms.

  2. I love mushrooms so very much. I need to get my butt down to the open-air markets that are starting to pop up everywhere now that the weather is nice. My husband loves mushrooms, too, but the weird thing is that he’ll eat them on anything except pizza and my favorite kind of pizza is with mushrooms! Le sigh. I think he’d definitely go for some mushroom crepes, though. I had a street taco a few weeks ago with buttery sauteed mushrooms and he was all about it.

  3. Nina! Thanks for your nice comment! I have a feeling if the morels were prepared the right way, you’d love them.

    Crepes of Wrath: I too love a mushroom pizza. I highly recommend mushroom crepes for yourself and your hubby. If you can find fresh wild morels at your local markets, I recommend splurging on them. They tend to be mega-expensive (which is why my husband and I try to find them on our own), but the flavor is so worth the splurge, at least once a year.

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