Wild Morel Bonanza!

Eric and I went out early this morning to search for morels.  We found 10 in our latest hot spot. Eric went there yesterday and found 40 or 50! It’s a veritable morel bonanza this year in our little corner of Southwestern Vermont. 

The place where we found morels last year hasn’t yielded anything so far. We went there at lunch today and got skunked again.  That’s three times this week. 

We’re going to make a morel pizza for dinner tonight. I’m dying to make some stuffed morels, as well as a wild morel stroganoff.


4 thoughts on “Wild Morel Bonanza!

  1. How did you learn to identify morels? I live in Vermont also, and every year we find lots of mushrooms that I’m almost sure are morels but without proper identification I don’t want to eat them.

    • Hi Lori. I don’t blame you for not wanting to take your chances eating mushrooms you find in the woods. I learned how to identify morels from my husband, who learned from the many experienced mushroom foragers with whom he works. I recommend picking up a mushroom field guide to help you identify the various fungi you find on the floor of the forest.

  2. Hi,
    I’m in Central Vt and have never found them even though I’m in the woods a lot. What habitat do they like?

    • Hi Bernie! I’ve found morels in forests with lots of ash trees. The morels seem to grow at the base of ash trees or between them. I’ve also noticed in the ash forests where I’ve located morels that wild leeks and jack-in-the-pulpits also grow in these places. I really think a lot depends on the chemistry of the soil, and the presence of ash trees, wild leeks, jack in the pulpits may indicate that the soil is just right to yield morels in the spring.

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