Amateur Hour at Sugar on Snow

A food blog without photos? 

I’ve been meaning to address for several weeks the fact that my blog features so very few pictures of the delectable dinners I prepare. Allow me to explain the glaring absence of images on this food blog.

Last April, when my husband and I were vacationing on Grand Bahama, my dear husband lost a key piece of the gadget we use to charge our digital camera battery.  Without this component of the battery charger, we can not plug the battery charger into an outlet. Thus, our digital camera battery remains dead. Thus, I can not take photos, and I am currently too cheap to purchase a new battery or battery charging system. The last time I checked the price of a battery charging kit for a Kodak digital camera on, it cost $60. For that much money (plus another 30 bucks), I could purchase one of those new Canon Sure Shots that rate so highly in Consumer Reports.    

As I look at the price of battery charging kits on Kodak’s website this evening, I see they’re now on sale, and the one I think I need is $40–a more reasonable price. 

In the meantime, I’ll continue to use 35 mm film.  (Remember that stuff?)


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