Potato Leek Soup

With the leeks and potatoes I got in this week’s CSA, I decided to finally make potato leek soup last night for dinner.  In all the cooking I’ve ever done, with all the soups I’ve ever made, I’d never made potato leek.  That’s probably because whenever I decide to make a potato-based soup, I make a deliciously deadly potato and cheddar soup (a recipe my friend Anne Scoville gave to me; it’s deadly because I use copious amounts of the rendered fat from bacon to cook the onions and the garlic for the soup.) 

I consulted my Joy of Cooking cookbook (another gift from Anne) for a recipe. Joy‘s called for 3 Tbsp. of butter, 8 leeks, 3 medium-sized potatoes and five cups of stock.  That struck me as bland (after all, I cook with bacon fat.) What’s more, I only had four leeks.  I adapted The Joy of Cooking‘s recipe so that it was more like Anne’s recipe for potato and cheddar soup, minus the bacon fat.

I cooked four leeks in 3 Tbsp. of butter and added half a large onion and a clove of garlic to mix.  (Anne’s recipe calls for onion and garlic.)  The Joy of Cooking said to cook the leeks for 20 minutes.  I cooked my leek and onion mixture for just 10 minutes, then I added the liquid and the sliced potatoes (my potatoes were small, so I used six).  Instead of adding five cups of stock, as Joy instructed, I poured four cups of stock and one cup of white wine into my soup pot.  I wanted my soup to have richness from the wine. (Anne’s potato and cheddar soup calls for wine.) 

I let the soup simmer for a half hour, then I pureed it and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  It came out thick, rich and all-around awesome. Eric and I ate the soup with a side salad. It was the perfect hot, cozy meal for a snowy Saturday night in Vermont.


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