This week’s CSA featured a green I’d never previously eaten, even though it had been in two previous farm shares (one a few weeks ago and one last year): Spigarello.

When it debuted in last year’s share, it sadly went to waste. I didn’t know what this fancy green was, how to cook it, or how to pronounce its name.  The spigarello that came in my CSA a few weeks ago sadly met the same fate: I never wrapped it in damp paper towels before I put it in my fridge and it went limp a few hours later.  I tried to revive it, but to no avail.  

When I saw that spigarello was in my share this week, I was excited and dubious. As much as I like my nachos and potato skins, I love my greens, and I was eager to try something new. Yet I worried the spigarello would taste bitter, like broccoli raab. (Or is it broccolini that I’m thinking of?) 

I wound up cooking some of the spigarello for lunch on Sunday. Clear Brook Farm recommended cooking it with some garlic and crushed red pepper flakes in olive oil, which I did. It was delicious!  I tried some of the spigarello raw before I cooked it, and it just tasted green.  Honestly, the flavor was rather nondescript, but not at all unpleasant.  I made it again to go with my lunch today, carrot ginger soup.

I like the spigarello so much that I don’t want to share it with Eric.


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