Nacho Nights

Last night, in honor of NFL sunday, I made nachos for dinner.  I got the idea to make nachos specifically for dinner from a co-worker, Tom Wailgum, who once told me that he and his wife Karin were splurging on home-made nachos for dinner one Friday night.  (I get the sense that Tom and Karin generally eat pretty healthy.)

Oddly, I never considered making my own nachos–let alone for dinner–before Tom mentioned it.  It’s odd because I love football food, and come Sunday, when I have time, I like to put out a spread for Eric and I (and any random person who happens to stop by) to graze on while our beloved New England Patriots kick butt.  Past spreads have featured steak and blue cheese paninis with caramelized onions, venison Philly cheese steaks, hot clam dip and crackers, potato skins, and porcini mushroom and bacon dip.  

I wound up making the nachos for dinner Saturday night, too.  I had been planning to serve for dinner the carrot ginger soup I had made Saturday afternoon, but my craving for nachos was too big to put off for another day.  After eating nachos two nights in a row, my carving has been sufficiently sated. 

Here’s how I made my nachos:

1. Brown one pound of ground beef in a skillet.  When just cooked, add an envelope of taco seasoning mix and two-thirds of a cup of water and simmer until water mixture has evaporated.

2. Meanwhile, spread a bunch of tortilla chips evenly out on a round pizza pan.  Sprinkled with cooked meat, shredded cheddar cheese and anything else you wish to add, such as chopped jalapeno peppers or sliced olives.  

3. Adjust oven rack to middle of oven and heat broiler.  Broil nachos on middle rack for two minutes.  Serve with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

I have a little bit of ground been leftover from the nachos.  I’m going to use it in a “nacho” baked potato later this week: I’ll bake the potato and top it with the leftover ground beef, cheddar cheese (or better yet, salsa con queso!), salsa and sour cream.  Damn.  I can’t wait for later this week!


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