I Like Tofu

Whenever I cook tofu, I can’t help but think of a song by the Krishna punk band Baby Gopal. I don’t know the name of the song, but the chorus goes something like, “I like tofu, I like tofu…” and on and on.  I heard it for the first (and last time) when I saw Baby Gopal perform at the Rat in Boston one straightedge Sunday afternoon when I was in high school and flirting with Krishna consciousness. (The flirtation, which was short-lived, alas, consisted of me meeting a cute Hare Krishna in Harvard Square one Saturday, accepting an invitation from him to go to a vegetarian dinner, and giving him a $5 donation for a Bhagavad Gita.)

And so when I was frying slices of tofu tonight for dinner, I thought of Baby Gopal, sang “I like tofu” over and over in my head, and wondered whatever happened to that Bhagavad Gita.

I served the tofu with brown basmati rice and braised baby bok choy (leftover from week 3 of my CSA).


2 thoughts on “I Like Tofu

  1. The very idea of tofu used to give me a stomach ache until someone told me to try crumbled tofu instead of ground beef in some pasta thing I was making. It tasted fine though the tomato sauce with a wack of spices probably helped. When in doubt, add garlic and onions!

    I await moderation from the severe Webmaster.

    • Hey, Deloney. Nice to see you again 😉 You don’t have to wait for your comments to be moderated anymore. They should go up automatically now.

      If someone is trying tofu for the first time, having it in spaghetti sauce makes for a nice, subtle introduction to the stuff. I’ll never forget the time I served tofu parmesan to my unknowing dad, who’s a meat and potatoes man. The tofu was breaded and pan-fried and covered in so much sauce and cheese, he didn’t mind.

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