Clear Brook Farm CSA Week #5

I got my weekly e-mail from Clear Brook Farm announcing the contents of this week’s farm share (drum roll, please): broccoli, rainbow carrots, regular carrots, gilfeather turnip, broccoli leaf (raab), garlic, onions, arugula and cabbage.

I was psyched to see that we’re going to get so many carrots in this week’s share. I was hoping we’d get carrots so that I could make Alice’s awesome carrot ginger soup. I haven’t made it yet this fall. Since I still have about two pounds of carrots leftover from week three, I plan to make a double batch of the soup and freeze a bunch of it.

I don’t like broccoli raab, so I’ll probably replace it with a second head of arugula. That way I can use one head in a salad (or I can wilt it) and make pesto from another head. If there’s something in our farm share that we really don’t want, Clear Brook Farm lets us swap it out for something else, which is awesome.


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