Tonight’s Dinner: Tortilla Pizzas

You know you’re getting desperate when you start fashioning mini pizzas out of whole wheat tortillas, cans of diced tomatoes and cheddar ( or worse, “shaker”) cheese.

Alas, that’s what Eric and I had to cobble together for dinner tonight since I was away this past weekend and thus couldn’t go grocery shopping.  We had a head of Boston lettuce leftover from week three of our CSA (week four was this past weekend) so I made a side salad to go with the pizzas.  

It wasn’t a bad dinner. And of course, a humble dinner is better than NO dinner, which unfortunately is an all too common reality for more than a billion people all over the world. 

I’m not sure what we’ll have for dinner tomorrow night, but we’ll have to continue to be resourceful this week since I don’t plan to shop for groceries until this coming weekend.  Eric, who tries to eat low-carb, might just have to slurp spaghetti one night. At least we’re saving money on groceries during a week when cash is otherwise tight.


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