Saved by the CSA

I came home from a trip to San Francisco on a red-eye yesterday, around 11 in the morning.  I went out to the Bay-area last Thursday to accept an online journalism award from the American Society for Business Publication Editors, and I stayed through the weekend to do some business, sightsee, catch up with friends and PIG OUT.  

Since I wasn’t home over the weekend, the grocery shopping didn’t get done, and Eric didn’t have time/forgot to pick up our farm share on Saturday.  <sigh. men.>  So when I went to assemble dinner last night (on three hours of sleep no less), I was at a loss for what to cook. There was no meat in the freezer, no cans of tuna in the pantry, and Eric ate for lunch the lentil soup that I had cooked and frozen the prior weekend for such instances as when there’s no food left in the house.

Ever resourceful, I decided to bake one of the butternut squash we got in our CSA the weekend before last. I saw that we also had some spinach left so I sauteed the greens in olive oil with some sliced garlic and leftover white beans. It turned out to be simple, delicious and nourishing vegetarian meal.  



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