Anaheim and Jalapeno Poppers, Friday Night’s Dinner

Eric and I got a variety of peppers in our CSA two weeks ago–a combination of sweet peppers along with a jalapeno and an anaheim.  Tonight I’m going to turn the jalapeno and the anaheim into poppers. 

I’ve never made jalapeno poppers before so hopefully mine will come out alright. This recipe for jalapeno poppers from sounds great!  Unfortunately, it calls for cream cheese, and I don’t have any cream cheese in the fridge.  I have sour cream, which won’t provide the right consistency, but it will have to do.  Rather than halving the peppers, which is what the recipe calls for, I think I’ll leave mine whole (minus the ribs and seeds) so that the sour cream and cheese mixture doesn’t melt out when I fry them.   

I’m also going to make more roasted veggies and a salad to go with the poppers since we still have so much lettuce, cauliflower, potatoes and beets left.

Update 7:14 PM

The poppers came out awesome!  Eric bought cream cheese at the general store so that I didn’t have to use sour cream, and it made all the difference.  The sour cream just wouldn’t have withstood the heat of frying.  I left the peppers whole and stuffed them with the cream- and cheddar cheese mixture. (I left out the bacon bits because I didn’t feel like cooking bacon and having yet another pan to clean up.)  I fried the peppers in a saute pan because I don’t have a deep fryer. (If Eric and I owned a deep-fryer, we’d be in deep trouble, as we’d be cooking donuts and churros and friend chicken ALL. THE. TIME.) If I ever make the poppers again, I’ll fry them in a Dutch oven or a large pot to prevent the oil from spattering all over my cook top.


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