Roasted Vegetables, Thursday Night’s Dinner

Two weekends ago, Eric and I visited our friends, the Donnelly-Foremans.  Stephen and his daughter Madden cooked an awesome dinner for us: grilled rib-eye steaks and roasted vegetables.  After feasting on Madden’s savory roasted veggies, I vowed I’d make them for Eric and me, and tonight, I did just that. 

We have so many vegetables from the CSA that cutting up a bunch of them, tossing them with some olive oil and kosher salt, and roasting them in the oven is a perfect way to use them. I roasted a beet, some fingerling potatoes, a carrot, a sweet potato and some cauliflower at 425 degrees for an hour.  I neglected to toss the veggies while they were cooking, and consequently, they got a little burned, but they still tasted great.  

I had intended to marinate some tofu to go with the roasted veggies for dinner, but I never had a chance to whip up a marinade this morning or on my lunch break.  Fortunately, there was a leftover piece of pecan chicken in the fridge from Tuesday night,  which Eric ate with the vegetables.  There wasn’t enough chicken for both of us, so I fixed myself a salad and sprinkled it with some kidney beans.  Not surprisingly, it wasn’t enough food for me. I guess I’ll have to have a hot fudge sundae later tonight.


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