Dinner Menu: Wednesday Night

For a meat-and-potatoes man…actually, allow me to rephrase this. The meat-and-potatoes man I’m writing about is my husband, but he’s not so much of a potatoes man. He likes potatoes, for sure, but he also likes to avoid carbs.  So I guess I should just call him a meat man.

For a meat man, my husband, who loves his steak and his venison and eats bacon for breakfast almost every day, is surprisingly open to eating vegetarian meals, including tofu.  The fact is, the guy just likes to eat. It doesn’t matter what he’s eating so long as it tastes good.  I am grateful for this because, although I am a flesh-eating omnivore, I enjoy cooking and consuming vegetarian meals. 

Tonight I cooked a meatless meal: A quick black bean soup, Delicata squash and salad.  The recipe for the black bean soup came from Simple and Delicious magazine, and it was indeed simple and delicious. It consisted of just four ingredients: a can of black beans, a cup and a half of chicken stock, 3/4 of a cup of chunky salsa (I used Newman’s Own) and lime juice.  Dump all the ingredients in a pot, heat over a simmer, and voilà: You’ve got instant, tasty black bean soup.

The Delicata squash came in last week’s CSA. I baked it at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.  The red leaf lettuce and bell peppers that I used in the salad also came from Clear Brook Farm. 

It was the perfect, hot, nourishing supper for a cold, rainy Vermont night.


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