Clear Brook Farm CSA Week 3

Eric and I signed up for Clear Brook Farm’s 10-week winter CSA again this year, and we’re heading into week three of our farm share. 

Every Wednesday, Clear Brook Farm sends an e-mail to all CSA members listing everything they’ll get in their share that week.  It’s a courteous gesture designed to help us plan our meals–and the rest of our grocery lists–for the following week.  I’m sure it’s also intended to generate excitement for that week’s share. I know I look forward to receiving these newsletters in my inbox every week and to finding out what awesome organic veggies I’ll get to cook with. 

This year, Clear Brook Farm’s newsletters contain recipes for some of the produce in each week’s share.  I’m glad they’re doing this because last year I really didn’t know what to do with some of the veggies I had never heard of, such as romanesco and celeriac, and I never made the time to search for recipes for those items online.  This week’s newsletter contains recipes for roasted root vegetables, celeriac root bisque, beet and celeriac salad, and sweet and sour carrots.  As you might have guessed from those recipes, this weeks’ share contains celeriac and carrots, in addition to butternut squash, fennel, spinach, brocoli, lettuce, scallions and onions. 

I saved two carrots from the first week’s farm share, so I think I’ll make my favorite carrot ginger soup–the recipe comes courtesy of The Silver Palate cookbook via my friend Alice Stokes.  Maybe I’ll try that celeriac root bisque, too.  The recipe didn’t excite me at first, but it did elicit a Homer Simpson-esque “oooh!” from Eric.  (What the heck else am I going to do with celeriac?) I’ll definitely make roasted root vegetables, too. 

What would you make with this week’s farm share?


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