The Grout’s Eggs

I noted earlier this month that Eric and I are now buying eggs from our neighbors, the Grouts, who raise chickens.  We purchased our first dozen about 10 days ago, and I suspect we’ll be ready for another dozen by the end of the week.

I honestly haven’t noticed a significant difference in the taste of the Grout’s eggs compared with the Price Chopper branded Organic eggs I buy at the supermarket.  Then again, I haven’t done a side-by-side taste test.  Then again, I don’t have the most refined palate. I also haven’t tasted the eggs fresh, and that may make a difference in their flavor. I ate my first Grout egg, which I poached, a good five days after I bought them.  I consumed my second egg for lunch today, wrapped in a crepe and smothered with shredded Cabot Vermont cheddar cheese.

I will say that the yolks seem different. They appear to be a darker, deeper yellow than supermarket eggs. They also seem thicker.  They’d probably make an amazing lemon curd, yellow cake, brioche or challah.

I better get another dozen and start baking!


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