After a hiatus that lasted way too long, Sugar on Snow is back!

I had to stop updating Sugar on Snow last Fall due to a siege of cluster migraines, which began in early October. I had a migraine headache almost every day that month, and I continued to suffer with frequent headaches through November. My noggin didn’t begin to feel normal until December.

It’s too bad I got sidetracked by migraines because I had much to write about during the Fall and Winter. Eric shot a deer in November, and we enjoyed the roughly 60 pounds of venison his three-pointer yielded into January. We feasted on venison about three times a week: venison Stroganoff and venison Marsala, venison chowder and venison Jumbalaya, venison sausage à la Fenway Park and venison Philly cheese steaks. We still have a few packs of venison sausage left in the freezer.  I’m going to make venison sausage, peppers and parmesan polenta for dinner later this week. Let me know if you want to come for supper!

At the same time that we had Eric’s venison, we were reaping the bounty of Clear Brook Farm’s winter CSA, which was AWESOME. We will definitely sign up for it again next year. It was an excellent value for our money, and having all of that organic Clear Brook Farm produce from mid-October until mid-December was a boon.  Between the venison and the produce from the CSA, Eric and I frequently ate meals that were entirely local, organic and wild. It was pretty cool.  We also saved a bundle (probably about $20 a week) on groceries because we didn’t have to buy meat and bought very little produce.

Eric and His Buck

While I was suffering with all those headaches in October and November, I became more conscious of the food I consumed.  I had no idea what triggered all of my migraines, but I knew in general that certain foods trigger them. I learned that many of the foods that I ate on a daily basis–such as processed meats (bacon), peanut butter, almonds, aged cheeses and chocolate–were known migraine triggers. So I eliminated those foods from my diet. Some days, I was starving, but I was very glad to have the fresh organic produce (especially the sweet potatoes and spinach, and the carrots I puréed into carrot-ginger soup) from Clear Brook to nourish my body.

To this day I don’t know exactly what precipitated all those migraines back in October.  I didn’t feel particularly stressed out at the time. And I had been eating peanut butter, chocolate, almonds and cheese on a daily basis for such a long time that I couldn’t imagine that those foods were suddenly causing the blinding pain above my right eye.  I suppose it was probably a combination of things that triggered the migraines.

I’m just glad I have these headaches under control right now and that I can return to Sugar on Snow. I hope you’ll come back, too.


3 thoughts on “Migraines

  1. Glad you’re back!!!!!!
    Look at that stuff behind me in the photo. It looks like redneck central!
    Rock and roll. Freedom of speech!

  2. Just to chime in on the Migraines, I too, had a wicked spell of daily Migraines about a year ago. I discovered that Yogurt was the culprit. Have had no Yogurt or headaches since!

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