Pick Apples at Local Orchards, Support Local Causes

I received a delightful e-mail from Erin McEnaney last month, which I’ve been meaning to share with you. She wrote to tell me about two fundraisers taking place over the next two weekends (Oct. 4-5 and Oct. 11-12) that benefit the Arlington Arts Enrichment Committee (full disclosure: I have no idea what this committee does) and  Arlington’s Happy Days day care center. When you pick apples at the orchard on 7A in Shaftsbury (Harwood Hill) during those two weekends, all proceeds will go to the two organizations.

I love spending a crisp autumn afternoon in an orchard, plucking Cortlands for apple crisp and baked apples and filling my belly with cider donuts and candy apples. So I look forward to doing the same this weekend with Erin, all while supporting two important organizations in my community.  I encourage all local Southwestern Vermonters to do the same.  See you at the orchard!

And now, here’s Erin’s e-mail:

So I was just eating an apple…which I purchased from Hannaford’s…they are locally grown at the Apple Barn in Bennington.  Being it is fall and the air is changing, I have a sudden and seasonal craving for apple cider and other baked delights…as well as apple sauce…which I always make when fall arrives and I’ve picked TOO many apples.  Anyway,  I just took a bite from one of the apples and was just overjoyed at the taste. It is very crisp and juicy, and I’m so happy to have this as one of my mid-afternoon snacks.  The apple made me think of you and I was nearly going to suggest you get a peck of local apples from Hannafords when I realized that you could pick your own…AND you can pick them at the apple orchard on 7A.  So here is my tip…

The weekends of October 4-5 and October 11-12, all earnings from the orchard on 7a in Shaftsbury (Harwood Hill) will go towards the Arlington Arts Enrichment Committee and Happy Days Playschool, respectively.  So you’ve got a couple of local things happening here.  First, the apples are picked by you and they are local.  Second, the proceeds benefit two local educational organizations.  And Third, the orchard is owned by Perez Ehrich, a local of Arlington, who is kind enough to loan out his orchard to organizations for their benefit.  How much better can it get?  Better…I would be happy to go and pick some with you if you’re interested.  They have several varieties of apples and a map to help you out, as well as what apples are best for eating, baking, etc.

I figured the next best thing is that you could plant some apple trees and then pick your own, but that might take some time.


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