Southwestern Vermont Eat Local Challenge: Day 1

Technically, this is day three of the Southwestern Vermont Eat Local Challenge, but since I was in Massachusetts on Monday and Tuesday, today is day one for me.

I didn’t fare very well in the challenge today because I haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping.  Once I have a chance to hit Clear Brook, the Village Peddler and the Wayside, I’ll be in good shape, but I don’t expect to be able to go shopping until my lunch break tomorrow. Work is crazy, which is not unusual.

Breakfast: 1/2 a home-made banana crunch muffin washed down with Trader Joe’s coffee.  Even though the muffin is home-made, none of its ingredients are local. The bananas are grown in Ecuador. .

Mid-morning snack (consumed at noon EDT): The other 1/2 of the banana crunch muffin plus a  Stonyfield yogurt. Stoneyfield yogurt is made in N.H., so at least I’m getting closer to Vermont.

Lunch (consumed at 3 PM EDT): Teleion Holon hummus (finally! A local product!), Ritz crackers, Trader Joe’s corn chips and Cabot cheddar cheese. I have no bread in my house, therefore I couldn’t make a sandwich.

Dinner: It’s going to have to be Putney Pasta. We have a package in the freezer.  Otherwise it’s bacon and eggs.


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