Clear Brook Farm CSA

Clear Brook Farm, my local organic farm stand in Shaftsbury, Vermont, is making its first foray into community supported agriculture (CSA) this fall. Andrew Knafel, Clear Book’s founder and head farmer dude, told me that he decided to offer the CSA this year so that he could keep some of his farm hands on his payroll into the winter.  The farm shares Clear Brook is offering run for 10 weeks, from roughly mid-October (when Clear Brook Farm normally closes–always a very sad day for me) through mid-December.  I’m on a waiting list for a farm share. I hope I make the cut!

Clear Brook Farm is offering two different kinds of shares.  The basic offering (yours for $300) consists of veggies Clear Brook can grow in its greenhouse along with hardier winter stuff, like potatoes.  The gourmand offering (as I like to call it) consists of Clear Brook’s produce as well as veggies from other local farms, along with local cheeses, breads and when available, meats. The gourmand offering costs $500.

I would have liked to have signed up for the gourmand offering (mmmm…local cheese…mmmm), but at roughly $50 a week, it’s more than I can afford. So I opted for the basic, proletariat offering.  As it is, I spend an average of $25 to $30 a week at Clear Brook on fruit and veggies (the tab runs closer to $40 when I buy bacon, smoked turkey, mozzarella cheese and hummus) so I don’t feel like I’m getting cheated by spending $30 a week for a share. Plus, I have a feeling I’ll get way more veggies in my weekly farm share than I’d get buying stuff on my own.  I told Eric that he’s going to have to start eating his vegetables.  (He doesn’t eat kale and collard greens the way I do.)

I hope I can get in on a share. Clear Brook offered 100 shares this year, and I hear they got snatched up pretty fast. I hope the CSA program goes well for them so that they can offer it again next year.


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