Chicken from Two Spoon Farm

On Sunday, when I was shopping at Clear Brook Farm, I purchased two whole, organic, free range chickens raised on Two Spoon Farm in Pownal, Vermont. I was delighted to learn that I could purchase locally raised, organic chicken at Clear Brook, which is going to be carrying chickens from Two Spoon Farm throughout the season. It seems Clear Brook Farm is carrying a lot more local meat this year than previous years.

The chickens weighed in at about five pounds a piece, though they looked bigger, and they cost $4 a pound. I paid $40 for two chickens, which to my cheapskate mind is a staggering amount of money to spend on poultry. Talk about golden eggs…

Two Spoon Farm Chicken

Two Spoon Farm Chicken

The upside of spending all this money is that Eric and I got three full meals out of one bird, and we’re supporting a Vermont farm. And that, my friends, is worth the money (and also the reason why I no longer buy designer jeans).

Eric hacked the chicken into eight pieces (we don’t own poultry shears, but since we will be buying more Two Spoon Farm whole chickens we will invest in a pair), and generously seasoned the parts with salt and pepper and then grilled them to perfection. The thick skin was as crisp as a Ruffles potato chip, and the meat was juicy and tender and tasted like it had been poached in matzo ball soup. It was geschmecht (that’s Yiddish for lip-smacking good). Two Spoon Farm chickens are raised on organic grains and whatever other tasty treats they peck at in the pasture.

There was a lot of meat on the chicken. Eric, looking at the plate of chicken on the dinner table exclaimed, “Look at the size of those breasts! They’re double Ds!”

Grilled Salt & Pepper Chicken

Grilled Salt & Pepper Chicken

Two Spoon Farm also raises organic beef, pork, lamb and turkey and is offering shares to interested consumers. The turkeys, which are fed organic grains, cost $3.25/lb and weigh approximately 18 lbs, which is a good-sized bird. Grass-finished beef is $6.00/lb. for 100 lbs (a full share) or $6.50/lb. for a half share (50 lbs.) and comes butchered in a variety of different cuts (steaks, roasts, ground beef, stew meat, etc.) A share of pork, which like the turkey is raised on organic grains, consists of chops, ribs, smoked bacon, sausage, and for those who ask, ham. Pork costs $6.00/lb. and you get about 40 lbs. Grass-fed lamb sells for $7.50 lb. and a share provides roughly 20 lbs.

A $100 deposit is required to purchase a share in Two Spoon Farm. Then, 50 percent of your balance is due by August 1. You make your final payment when you pick up your farm share.

I’d really like to buy half a beef share for $325 and a pork share for $240, but Eric and I first need to iron out some logistics. We have to figure out if we have room for a chest freezer somewhere in our house, and if we have enough electrical juice to run it (we’re still running knob and tube wiring in our house).


3 thoughts on “Chicken from Two Spoon Farm

  1. Hi, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful reveiw of our chickens, we put alot of blood, sweat, and tears into them, and love. Our chickens are healthy and allowed to be a chicken, outside in the pasture, scratching up food and soaking up the sun. We move them around very frequently so that they are always on fresh pasture. We also are very excited about our grains that we feed them. They are local and organic. Lightning Tree Farm in Millbrook NY. They mill the mix fresh for you the day you come and pick up, and it is filled with kelp meal and probiotics (microorganisms that are good for digestion)
    So, thank you again, And thanks to the whole community for supporting us. This is our first season and we have had a lot of great community support. If anyone wants chickens for their freezer for the winter give us a call
    Angela McGinness
    Twospoon Farm Pownal VT
    802 823-7308

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