Workshop on Farming

Bonnie and Oliver Levis of Manchester, Vermont’s Teleion Holon Farm are offering a workshop on extending the growing season in Vermont on Sunday, June 22 from 3 to 5 PM, according to an article in The Bennington Banner. The Levis’s will demonstrate how to grow certain vegetables through the winter by covering plants with plastic on wire frames. They also plan to explain how to grow melons in Vermont.

The workshop costs just $3 and is the last of three workshops on farming. The first two, which were about organic farming practices and raising pigs, took place last weekend. (Apologies for not getting this information to you sooner.)

If you’re interested in attending the workshop at Teleion Holon, call Mary Barrosse Schwartz at 802-362-7235 to reserve a space. I’d like to say I’ll see you there, but I will be entertaining visitors that weekend.

Thanks to Erin McEnaney who told me about the article in The Banner.

Update 6/12: A complete list of the workshops that are available throughout the summer is located on the website for the Southwestern Vermont Eat Local Challenge.


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