Summer Cold

I’ve been stricken with a most persistent, pernicious summer cold. I came down with it around 5 PM on Friday, May 30th and I spent that entire weekend in bed, dozing on and off between infomercials for the Shark Steam Mop and GT Express 101.  Sadly, I missed my college reunion at the University of Vermont that weekend.

11 days later, the stuffy head and scratchy throat linger.  I’m seeing a doctor today.  I think it’s about time. Don’t you?

Needless to say, I haven’t updated this blog because of this damn cold.  It’s a shame because I have an inspiring story to share with you. Two days before my nose started gushing like the Battenkill during mud season, I met with a couple, Karen and Stephen Trubitt, who gave up their high-powered jobs in the Twin Cities to move to Vermont and start an organic farm.  I will bring the Trubitt’s story to you soon.


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